Monday, August 13, 2012

Affordable Fall Fashion Finds

Fall is approaching and it's time to start rotating fall pieces into your wardrobe.

As I was cleaning out my closet I realized that other than a few over sized sweaters and about 100 leggings that was all my fall wardrobe had to offer...

I recently started an at home weight loss program and over the course of 3 weeks have gone down almost 3 pant sizes! This recent development has encouraged me to consider the art of shopping once again. It didn't take me long to remember how much fun shopping can be, especially if you can find great deals!

Patterned or pastel skinnies are very popular this season. I found a great pair of dot printed denim leggings at Nordstrom during anniversary for $35.00 (regular price $64.00.) Although the price has gone back up they do sell a similar style in the juniors department for $48.00
Colored denim is currently on sale at almost all retailers, so stock up on fall colored denim like mustard yellow, orange, or red. You will find this is one key piece that can transform any outfit.

You can also find great deals on floral print summer dresses. Take this dress from ModCloth for example, just add a belted cardigan, leggings, and boots. Now you have the perfect fall staple outfit.