Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Recreating Looks From Style Boards, For Less!

There are so many sites that provide excellent beauty tips and tutorials. I look to several of these sites as resources for work and my own personal style. If you havent checked out Polyvore, I suggest you do so. It is an excellent database for shopping and putting your own looks together. You can create "recipes" if you will of looks that inspire you. I love creating my own looks and saving them on my phone to use when I go shopping. Have you ever been on the hunt for something particular and as soon as you get to the mall you forget the whole reason you went? Yes, well that happens to me all the time and to top it off with a toddler shopping is a serious chore. Saving my looks to my phone has saved me so much time and keeps me on track. I get what I'm looking for and end the day with a successful shopping trip!

This is what I am looking for this week. I usually go to a vintage store first to grab accessories. In this case an over-sized brown handbag and a brown belt.

I will let you know this week if I was able to recreate this look for less!
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate by creativecustomology 

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