Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Organizing Small Spaces

With fall comes bulky sweaters, scarves, boots, and the return of you favorite over-sized suede handbag. This is very exciting for some but what does this mean for your closet?

I have been going through storage bins gathering up all my cozy fall clothes and accessories and finding that space is rather limited in my small closet.

During a recent trip to Target with my son we stopped to look through the dollar isle to look for more Sesame Street books when I discovered a bunch of over door hooks. I immediately new that these would be useful so I grabbed about 6 of them at $2.50 each. At first I used them over my linen closet door to hold towels but they made too much noise when I opened the door and also left scratch marks

So into the back of my closet they went.
This is a great way to store your scarves, bags, and accessories. Now my closet looks a little more organized and everything is a little bit easier to find.

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