Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Simmer Pot Recipes

I walked into a store yesterday and was immediately greeted by the smell of spicy cinnamon.
{ One of my favorite fall smells}

I ran to the candle isle to see if the holiday scented candles were back in stock, Oh yes they were...
Vanilla latte, warm cinnamon, pumpkin pie... just to name a few. I love scented candles in fall scents but for $16.00? Yikes, candles have become expensive.

There are a lot of great DIY alternatives to making your home smell like fresh baked apple pie and for just a couple bucks. Here are some great simmer pot recipes to keep your home smelling like a crisp fall day.

All you need is a small saucepan and the ingredients of your choice. Fill the saucepan with water and bring to a boil. Add your ingredients and reduce heat to simmer. You will want to check the water level about every 30 minutes and add more if needed.

{Recipe 1}
Cinnamon sticks halved
Orange rinds
Whole cloves

{Recipe 2}
Cinnamon sticks halved
Apple peels (you can also use apple slices)
Orange rinds
Whole cloves

{Recipe 3}
1-Lemon peel
1-Orange peel
Whole cloves
Cinnamon sticks halved
 2-Bay leaves

{Recipe 4}
A few drops vanilla
Apple peel

{Recipe 5}
4-Bay leaves
2-Cinnamon sticks
1 tablespoon whole cloves

{Recipe 6}
 2-Herbal tea bags- (I had orange spice)
2 Cinnamon sticks halved
Orange rinds
Whole cloves

This is just a small example of what you can do with simmer pots. Just look in your spice cabinet and see what you have to work with. The smell is amazing and when your husband comes home he might just think you baked!

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